Hey, I'm Melissa

I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm a North Carolina-based portrait and lifestyle photographer who can rarely choose one favorite anything because I can get excited about so many things. A few of my loves include:

  • Jesus and His mission (fun fact: I work for my local church)
  • travel (I've got an extensive bucket list)
  • the Spanish language (I spent almost 9 years in Costa Rica)
  • reading (with a slight audiobook obsession on the side)
  • ice cream and chocolate (together or apart)
  • deep conversations, but also laughing until I'm crying
  • every single beautiful flower, cute animal or baby, majestic mountain, or fascinating texture or pattern I see (every. single. one.)

I'm a relatively new mom and my little one is my favorite model these days, taking some of the heat off my husband, haha! As a family, we're into being outdoors together and inviting others into our home for food and games.

When you're happy, I'm happy


“I look at the pics often, and I am amazed at how you captured her! You will always be a part of this memory. Grateful!”

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